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About Incar

Founded on an amateur basis, INCAR DANCE COMPANY has now grown into a semi-professional dance group which currently consists of about 120 members: dancers, choreographers, technicians, coaches, costume designers and representatives of several commissions. 


Apart from its numerous shows in Belgium, our dance company has also booked many international successes: Germany, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, U.S.A., England, Israel, Greece, Tenerife, Czech Republic, Italy, Russia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Hungary. 

However, Incar has also been awarded several Belgian prizes and titles: Press Award Dendermonde, Flanders’ Cultural Ambassador, Cultural Prize of Lebbeke, Prudens Van Duyse prize, First Category Choreography Groups in East Flanders etc.



Schermafbeelding 2014-11-23 om 13.27.40
Schermafbeelding 2014-11-23 om 13.28.31
Schermafbeelding 2014-11-23 om 13.30.48
Schermafbeelding 2014-11-23 om 13.29.45
Schermafbeelding 2014-11-23 om 13.30.40


im[balance - full evening show (90 min.) 


Surely, everyone knows this feeling of ‘not feeling well’, quite often without a real clue. And as suddenly as this awkward feeling came, it’s gone again. Every individual is searching to find a balance in this big world. Moreover, we are constantly faced with change, which causes motion and lets us grow. These changes, this striving for balance make us to who we are. We are “im[balance”. 


Incar dance group goes looking for the feeling of im[balance. “Im[balance” is a programme, in which young and old are carried away in a rollercoaster full of emotion, warmth and euphoria. “To keep your balance you must keep moving”.

E_motions - lively performance (75 min.)


In the programme “E_motions”, Incar dance group goes looking for the things that really gets people together. As the name already suggests, “E_motions” is a show full of movement and emotions. It creates a vision on life and on the things that make life worthwhile.


A group of young and enthusiastic dancers will take you on a journey through different aspects of the human existence: passion, temptation, loneliness, loss, but also exuberant joy, friendship and hopefully looking forward to a bright future. 


E_motions contains 24 energetic dances and lasts 75 minutes.

Customized programme


A customized programme can be adapted to the different wishes and needs of your organisation. Some examples: 

* Product presentations; 

* Corporate events; 

* Flash mobs; 

* Parades; 

* Collaboration with live bands; 

* … 

Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

What we can offer

What we can offer
  • A full evening’s dance spectacle (approximately 2 hours), based on a contemporary story with spectacular dance creations and a professional sound- and lightshow. 

  • On request, Incar also offers supporting shows (length of time to be negotiated), ideal to add lustre to surveys, lectures, etc... 

  • Of course, open air shows are another possibility. Village festivities, national celebrations, etc... are only a few examples of events on which Incar is a much sought-after guest. 

  • Incar can also be booked for personnel parties and/or -gatherings. 

  • Furthermore, Incar performs at large-scale happenings such as Royal Feasts, pilgrimages to the river Yzer, National Singing Feasts, the Papal Visit, etc... 


You still have other propositions or suggestions ? No problem I As far as possible, Incar will provide you with the best solution !



Should you wish additional information, do not hesitate to contact us at: 

Incar Dansspektakel vzw

Poststraat 17, 9280 Lebbeke - Belgium 

E-mail :


Moreover, our promotion video is available on simple request. 


We are convinced that INCAR DANCE COMPANY has something in store for everyone ! 

You are interested but still you wish to attend one of our shows in order to be completely sure ?

Let us know, we are happy to welcome you at our next show !




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